Aims and Scope

Mission:The journal “Human Resources Studies” is a scientific publication that publishes the new findings and achievements of the scientific researches of the country's professors, students and researchers in the field of human resource management and organizational behavior in order to localize, synergize and share the knowledge and experiences of human resource managers and thinkers and help its application in Iranian organizations. 

Vision:This quarterly journal aims to become the most prestigious publication in the field of human resources in the country and an international prestigious publication and to be able to enjoy scientific authority in this field and as the first choice of human resources researchers in the country to publish the new and valuable achievements of their research to improve the knowledge of human resources. Human and human resources of the country should have the most effective assistance.

Thematic Scopes:

In line with its mission, this quarterly journal welcomes the publication of scholarly research articles resulting from scientific research, including doctoral theses in the following areas:

  • Operational functions of human resource management
  • Strategic human resource management and human resource management strategies
  • Experience management and knowledge management with a human, social and cultural approach
  • Human resources productivity and performance management
  • Human resources development (talent management, succession planning, competence management, human capital management, etc.)
  • Electronic human resources management        
  • Ethics, spirituality and excellence of human resources from an Islamic point of view
  • Individual, group and organizational level issues of organizational behavior
  • Interdisciplinary research focusing on human resources and organizational behavior
  • Emerging issues and knowledge frontier of human resource management and organizational behavior
  • Theorizing and methodical criticism of existing theories in the field of human resources and organizational behavior
  • Comparative human resources management in military and civilian organizations (domestic and foreign)
  • Cognitive management
  • Human sides of Artificial intelligence