Journal of Human Resource Studies (JHRS) is a peer-reviewed open access quarterly journal devoted to the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior with the aim of developing HR knowledge, identifying the HRM and OB problems in organizations and presenting the solutions. JHRS examines how a variety of human problems intrinsic to organizational productivity and personal performance should be managed effectively. The journal scope covers the academic and empirical studies on HRM, Organizational Behavior and Human Issues with an orientation toward managerial approaches and guidelines.

The journal is established by the Faculty of Management, Shahid Sattari Aeronautical University with cooperation of Scientific Association of Organizational Behavior Management.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, May 2022 

Designing a Fuzzy Expert System to Predict the Effectiveness of Compensation System

Pages 17-47


Monire Alipour Madarsara; Gholamreza Memarzadeh Tehran; Mehdi Alvani; Mahmood Alborzi

Designing a Glass Ceiling Model Using Grounded Theory Approach

Pages 131-151


Arezo Shafi; Zeinab Gheisari; Zohreh Rezadoost; Leila Hashemi; Pegah Lotfollahi; Farzaneh Amiri

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